Selfie stick with built in Bluetooth


Utilises Bluetooth 3.0 and is completely cable free. Take your pictures remotely!

Four different colours

Choose from four different colour variations!

Retractable stick

Can retract to a smaller more portable size.

Rechargable battery

No need for batteries! Just simply plug in and charge the the internal battery

Wrist Strap

features a full wrist strap for travelling conenience.


max load
500 grams
Total length
23.5 to 110 cm
Net weight
180 grams
Battery capacity
100 mAh
Charging voltage
5 V
Charge time
1 hour
Max phone size
Can hold devices between 5.4 to 7cm wide
OS support
Android 2.3.6 and above, iOS 5.0 and above