AKUMA wired optical fibre gaming headset

Supports multiple different platforms

The Akuma wired gaming headset is a versatile gaming headset that can support many different types of platforms giving you the option to use it on a variety of different devices.

High quality chat

Converse with a highly responsive and adjustable microphone that is completely detachable turning your AKUMA gaming headset into a full audio headphone.

Wired headset

Wired stereo headset with independant game and chat volume adjustment available.

High quality digital stereo audio

Utilising digital fibre audio the AKUMA headet provides crisp and crystal clear audio for your gaming, music and video needs.

Soft pleather earcups

Soft pleather earcups sit over your ears providing you high comfort for hours of gaming and music sessions giving you full immersion.

Ergonomic design

The Akuma headset comes with a flexible ergonomic design that has fully adjustable headband providing high comfort for gaming and music needs.


Sampling frequency:
48 Khz
Microphone sensitivity:
Speaker impedance:
32 ohms
Frequency response:
20Hz - 20 Khz
Receiving sensitivity:
40 mm