HD resolution video

True HD Video playback

Unlike Android players the Cyclone Mini PC can play everything in true HD resolution on all of the most popular video streaming media including: Netflix, Youtube, Kodi/XBMC and many others! Enjoy your videos or images in crisp HD resolution!

Windows 10 OS

Versatile operating system.

With an official Windows 10 OS you have a full running PC system that can
provide endless potential such as playing the latest PC games, watch your
favourite films or use as a workstation. Give yourself more versatility using a full Windows 10 OS.





Expand your
storage capacity!

External enclosure or SDXC

Not satisfied with the storage space? You can expand your storage capacity with a SDXC card up to 512GB or expand further using a external USB hard drive enclosure!

High Spec Components

  • Quad core CPU that has a clock speed up to 1.83Ghz.

  • 32GB eMMC Samsung made memory that can provide up to 90mb/s transfer rate.

  • 2GB DDR 3 1600Mhz by Samsung.

  • Thoughtful design

    A carefully engineered mix of stylish piano black design combined with small and robust components. The Cyclone Mini PC is a reliable and portable PC that you can use for entertainment or work.

    Effective cooling with aluminium heat sink.

    Large aluminium heat sink serves to keep the Cyclone Mini PC cool even when under heavy load, omitting the need for a noisy fan. Providing a silent and tranquil experience.

    Stream your Steam games on to TV

    Play your games anywhere in the house


    Log into steam on both machines and launch your games. *please note* streaming service is provided and maintained by Steamâ„¢
    Stream your favorite games from your desktop to your TV!
    Control your games using keyboard, mouse or controller connected to the Cyclone Mini PC
    Streaming quality and resolution may need to be adjusted to meet the performance required to run on this Mini PC. (Recommended 720p or lower). For best performance please use RJ45 instead of WIFI.

    Dual screen setup

    Dual HDMI and VGA setup

    Dual HDMI and VGA setup can give you a luxurious dual screen setup giving you the opportunity to expand your desktop space and multitask even better than before!

    Workstation PC

    Compact portable PC

    Take advantage of the small compact size and full Windows 8.1 operating system of the Cyclone Mini PC, by using it as a portable workstation.

    Create spreadsheets,documents or
    presentations the Cyclone Mini PC is a
    versatile portable PC.


    ECO friendy PC

    With a power rating of 12W compared to a average PC power rating (220 W) the Cyclone Mini PC can save you money on your electricity bill and function as a eco friendly desktop PC.


    Operating System  
    Official Windows 10  
    Intel Quad-Core Z3735f 1.83Ghz  
    2GB DDR 3 RAM  
    32GB of eMMC Storage  
    Bluetooth 4.0  
    Wireless 802.11 b/g/n  
    RJ45 port  
    VGA,HDMI 1.4 output,3.5mm audio out, 3x USB 2.0 slot,DC power,SDXC