Complete system

Sumvision DVR security system provides a complete security system for your home and office.
Easy to install and configuration. Provide continuous monitoring and recording of your properties and belongings. Support high resolution display and able to remotely monitor your mobile devices.

Continuous Recording

Tutis System can provide weeks of record data, store on the internal HD, up to 2TB storage supported..
DVR System can be left unintended and recording non-stop 24 hours and 7 days a week. Using H.264 compression recording provide more record time storage and keeps high quality recorded picture intacted. Backup can be done onto USB device's.

HDMI and VGA Support

The Tutis can be connected to a montior or HDTV

D1 Resolution

Using higher resolution video technology for recording; providing a more
detailed and sharper video for you to look at.
PAL: CIF (352 x 288), HD1 (704 x 288) and D1 (704 x 576)
NTSC: CIF (352 x 240), HD1 (704 x 240) and D1 (704 x 480)

Motion Detection Recording

The motion detection function allows you to record only when movement is detection hence saving HDD space.
Tutis system can also send email alert or photo of the activity when movement is detected.

Night / Day Vision Cameras

Tutis system comes with day and night vision cameras set. From dome to outdoor waterproof cameras.
(please note check your Tutis model type to see which camera type is included in the set)

World Wide Smart Phone and Tablet Remote Access

Monitor your premises remotely using computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Whether its on holiday or business trip, in any part of the world you can always keep an eye on your premises. Using the Plug and Play (p2p) feature you dont require any configuration done on you router to access remote.
(please note Plug and Play feature is not avilable with the older TUTIS system)